The vines

The wines


Handmade harvest, selected grapes in the vines (no rotten in the press), slow vertical pressuring, indegenous yeast for fermentation and the juices are moved by gravity.

Without intervention, the wines spend 12 months with their dregs and put in bottles without filtration neither sulfite.

Red grapes are foot pressed full grapes in a maceration vat. Depending on the year, the maceration is between 8 and 15 days in opened tank with a little daily hand pressing.

White grapes go directly to the press and the juice goes to barrel. Between the vines and the bottle, no product or additive is used. Our wines are only grapes juices 100%.


Here there are our sort of wines:

Achillee Pacotille Aunis Etoile Baliverne

100% Chenin

100% Chenin

100% Pineau d'Aunis

100% Grolleau Noir

ribellerie Noue Blanchard
100% Grolleau Noir
100% Cabernet Franc